Cold storage

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    Cold stores

Cold stores, specialised in handling seafood, are located in Reykjavik and in Kollafjordur in the Faroe Islands. Good discharging facilities and efficient services ensure the quality of your cargo.


Samskip offers professional and reliable 24-hour service to all vessels in Reykjavik Harbour, including discharging, transport, transfer, storage and related services for factory trawlers and fishing vessels.

After discharge, the catch is either stored in the Reefer Logistics Centre at the harbour front, or loaded directly into containers on a Samskip vessel.

  • Cold storage for 3,000 pallets in racks
  • Bulk cargo facility for up to 3,000 pallets or 3,300 tons
  • Flexible, fast and thorough discharging services
  • Great location guaranting quality, security and efficiency
  • Guarded area 24 hrs a day
  • All cargo is labeled and stored in a hi-tech IT system for fast track and trace
  • All movements registered
  • Area for inspection of cargo
  • 8.5 meters - deep entrance channel
  • 355 meter-long quay

The Faroe Islands

Samskip cold store in the Faroe Islands is located in Kollafjordur.

  • Cold store for fresh and frozen products
  • 7,000-ton storage capacity
  • Good service facilities for trawlers
  • EU veterinary checkpoint (BIP = Border Inspection Post)
  • Supply of provisions, trawler equipment, shipyard and agency
  • Located in the center of the Faroe Islands
  • Stevedoring facilities
  • Short transit times from Kollafjordur to Rotterdam and Immingham

Samskip also operates cold stores in Aalesund, Norway and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, under the FrigoCare banner.