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Here is a list of THC and service charges. If you need further assistance please email [email protected] or connect to our   webchat

THC and service charges in Iceland (ROE 165 ISK/EUR)

Valid from 01.01.2017

Terminal handling charges (THC export)
Price in ISK
THC LCL EUR 29 pr. ton 4.844
THC LCL EUR 15 pr. cbm 2.470
THC minimum EUR 24 pr. shipment 3.883
THC FCL EUR 518 pr. 20ft 85.489
THC FCL EUR 684 pr. 40ft 112.933
THC FCL EUR 763 pr. 40ft HC 125.964

Frozen fish, always use charges W (p/ton) in THC loading port.
Rate for LCL shipments is calculated after M/W which ever is higher.

Documentation and service charges

Price in ISK
B/L fee EUR 54 pr. shipment 7,970
Fee for amending b/l EUR 90,00 pr. B/L 13.304
Customs document, export EUR 65,00 pr. shipment 9,602
EUR 1 doc EUR 44,00 pr. shipment 6,502
Courier service EUR 40,00 pr. document 5.865
IMO document EUR 94,00  pr. document 13,826
 Telex release  EUR  39,24  pr. document  6.476


ISPS Security surcharge
     Price in ISK
FCL containers EUR 60 pr. 20ft/40ft  
LCL EUR 4 pr.ton  
LCL EUR 4 pr. cbm  
Cargo Security declaration cont loaded by Samskip EUR 4 pr.ton 629 ISK
 Cargo Security declaration cont loaded by Samskip  EUR  1  pr.cbm 210 ISK
Cargo Security declaration cont loaded by Samskip EUR  103 pr.ctr  15,170 ISK 


Demurrage Iceland
20ft dry, pr. day
40ft dry, pr. day
20ftRF, pr. day
40ftRF, pr. day
Per pallet, pr. day


Demurrage Rotterdam

Haulage in Reykjavík-area
FCL 20/40ft EUR 261 pr. trip 43.147
Open Top Spare parts / Repairs  EUR
Tarpaulin 20´ 611    
Tarpaulin 40´ 707
TIR cord ´20 32
TIR cord ´40 38
Roof bow/ per piece 63
Lash-ring / per piece 13
Repairs, work pr. hour as pr. estimate 4


Wharfage Faxaflóahafnir (Reykjavik, Grundartangi)
Commodities        ISK
1. Charcoal, loose corn, salt, pumice, celite, cement, fertiliser and recycling material EUR 1,66 pr. ton 274
2. Petrol, fuel, liver oil and fish meal EUR 2,04 pr. ton 335,8
3. Goods in sacs, unprocesssed iron and steel, marine products, lubricating oil, fish products, agricultural products, industrial goods, building material, packed and canned groceries,soft drinks and fruits. EUR 3,5 pr. ton 573,1
4. Other goods not specified in group 1-3 EUR 9,42 pr. ton 1554,4
Minimum rate all groups EUR 1,32 pr. shipment 218

Harbour security fee, 20%, is added to wharfage on shipments from Reykjavik.

Samskip reserves the right to change the tariff without prior notice. Rates change due to currency fluctuations.