Personal Effects from Iceland

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Transporting personal effects requires thorough planning and there are many things to consider.  Samskip employees are happy to assist you to ensure the transport goes as smooth as possible.

Where to start?

1. Volume

The first thing is to find out how much volume you willl be transporting. Here you can calculate the cubic measure of your personal effects.
Note: If the quantity is 14 cubic meters or more, it is often cheaper to lease a container. 

2. Offer

Once the volume has been evaluated, you need a quote for the transport.  In order to get a formal quotation for the transport, please fill out the quote request.

3. Get the necessary documents

  • Fill out the Booking and insurance form (packing list) while the personal effects are being packed. It is important to mark all boxes with the name, address and phone number of the receiver. It is advised to examine the content list before packing, and use it as a guide while labelling.
    Note: Have the list in English and/or in the language of the destination country. Booking and insurance form shall be submitted to Samskip in Reykjavík before departure.
  • Customs documentation from the destination country. Please contact our office for further information as the information required varies between countries.

4. Booking transport

Transport must be booked at Samskip´s customer service, tel. +354 458 8000.

5. Cargo delivery - closing times in Reykjavik

Less than container load (LCL) shipments: Tuesdays 15.00
Full container load (FCL) shipments: Wednesdays 12.00

See location on a map

6. Payment

When exporting from Iceland, payment for transport and related services must be finalised no later than two days before vessel departure.

7. Vessel´s arrival

The owner of the shipment must keep track of vessel´s arrival and be in contact with the local Samskip office to finish the final steps of the transport process.

Find Samskip office

8.  Storage fees

Storage fees (detention, demurrage and warehouse) vary between ports.  The nearest Samskip office or agent in the destination country can provide information on local charges.

And finally...

If you need further information, please e-mail [email protected] or call +354 458 8000.